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Thunderstroke 4 Skill

Thunderstroke 4 Skill

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Throw Damage: (87-105) To (165-198)
One-Hand Damage: 75-90) To (135-162)
Required Level: 69
Required Strength: 107
Required Dexterity: 151
Javelin Class – Very Fast Attack Speed
Quantity: 80
(Amazon Only)
+150-200% Enhanced Damage
Adds 1-511 Lightning Damage
+15% Increased Attack Speed
-15% To Enemy Lightning Resistance
20% Chance To Cast Level 14 Lightning On Striking
+4 To Javelin and Spear Skills (Amazon Only)
+3 To Lightning Bolt (Amazon Only)

Thunderstroke is a unique Matriarchal Javelin exclusive to the Amazon in Diablo II.

Whearas Titan's Revenge gives a more consistent boost to all Javelin and Spear Skills, Thunderstroke is often used by Javazons to defeat bosses quickly using Charged Strike and against other people in player versus player due to the increased lightning damage and the reduction to the target's lightning resistance. In these situations, Thunderstroke performs a lot better than Titan's Revenge.