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Key of Destruction

Key of Destruction

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"The Pandemonium Event is a Battle.net only event introduced in Patch 1.11 of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Though entirely optional it is challenging to complete and famous for being the source of the unique Large Charm, the Hellfire Torch.

Unlike the other Battle.net only quests, the Pandemonium Event is quite complex and has a lot more fights with some very special bosses specially created for the quest. The event culminates in a showdown with Pandemonium Diablo.

The Keys

The initiation of the quest is pretty straightforward. It involves the collection of the three Keys that will open the portal to Uber Tristram, where the three Uber Prime Evils reside. But the key collection is in itself quite complex. The first step is retrieving three minor keys.

The Minor Keys

The Minor Keys are required to open the minor portals that will help you collect the major keys. There are three different minor keys, and to open any one of the minor portals, a complete set of three different keys are required. This means that the player will have to collect, in all, three minor keys of each type, which totals to nine keys.

To get the minor keys, the player has to kill one of the agents of the Prime Evils on the mortal plane. They are:

The Summoner
The Countess

They need to be killed in a Hell difficulty game in which they have a chance to drop the Keys of Hate, Terror and Destruction respectively along with their normal drop. They drop it quite rarely, sometimes dropping only one in 10-15 runs, but you can still run any one of them and continue to collect only one type of key. It is advisable to only run them for the three keys that are required for quest completion.

The Major Keys

Once you have a complete set of three different Minor Keys, go to Act V, Harrogath. Put them in the Horadric Cube and then transmute them. In a way, that is very similar to the Secret Cow Level, you will create a Portal teleporting you to a place where you would have to fight a more powerful agent of Evil:

Uber Duriel in the Forgotten Sands
Uber Izual in the Furnace of Pain
Lilith in the Matron's Den

They will drop, upon death, Baal's Eye, Mephisto's Brain, and Diablo's Horn respectively, the Major Keys that will help you create the Portal to Uber Tristram.

It is highly recommended that you collect all nine required Minor Keys and open all the three Portals within the same game. If they are opened in separate games, there are chances that the same portal is opened leading to a waste of three different Minor Keys."