Season 7 - May 23, 2024

  • IMPORTANT: If you were playing on Ladder in Season 6, and you want to purchase items for those characters, please order them for Non Ladder.

    Blizzard - Season 7

  • 1. All Ladder characters and items from Season 6 are transferred to Non Ladder.

    New Ladder players start over at level 0 with no items.

  • 2. There are no items in circulation for Ladder, so there's an increase in in value and price of items.

    Non Ladder prices are not affected.

  • May 23 | 1st Week:

    • Prices will be very high.

    • The value and price of items drops as the days go by .

    • Some items like Torches and Annis won't be available.
  • 2nd Week:

    • Prices will be significantly lower.

    • By this time, most characters are steadily farming.

    • That means more available items and lower prices.
  • 3rd Week and Beyond:

    • Prices return to normal.

    • Prices are similar to Non Ladder, and all items become available.

    • If you see any high prices, let us know and we will check for you.