What is D2RGEAR's Refund Policy?

After carefully reading the following information below, if you wish to request a refund, please contact us through Live Chat, down below, in the bottom-right corner or on our Contact Us page.

We DO Offer Refunds for:

  • Items that were not successfully sourced for the order(s).

For example, you order:

1 Red Ring = $1.00

1 Blue Ring = $2.00

1 White Ring = $3.00

We sourced 1 Red Ring and 1 White Ring, but we weren't able to source 1 Blue Ring, so a total of $2.00 would be refunded.

  • Items that were sourced that do not match the advertised information on the product pages:
  • Unfulfilled Fraudulent or Suspicious Orders.

If there is any fraudulent or suspicious activity, a refund will be issued. These types of activites are flagged automatically and manually.

This applies to orders that haven't been fulfilled yet.

  • Illegal activity or Inappropriate behavior.

In the process of using D2RGear, any illegal activity or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

Any products that haven't been delivered yet will not be delivered and a refund will be processed instead. This does not apply towards products that have already been delivered.

We do NOT Offer Refunds for:

  • Rune Words that weren't successfully made, because you inserted the Runes in the wrong item or incorrect sequence.

  • Items that were successfully sourced for the order(s).

  • Items that have been incorrectly priced at a significant difference.

If there's a minor difference, we'll honor the transaction.

If it's an item that's valued at $1.00, but displayed at $100.00, then we will not honor the transaction.

We will notify you of the mistake and work with you to update your order request.

  • Orders that were placed for the wrong realm (Ladder/Non Ladder/Hardcore)

    Scenario 1: You placed the order and realized within 1 hour of placing the order, that you ordered it on the wrong realm.

    Outcome 1: You notify us as soon as possible, and if it's within 1 hour of placing the order, we will issue you a money-back refund in the full amount.

    Scenario 2: It has been longer than 1 hour or we have sourced the entire order.

    Outcome 2: We will issue you store credit in the full amount. We will remain in possession of the sourced items.

    • Orders that have been placed for platforms that are temporarily unavailable.

    Exception 1: Example 1: You place an order for XBOX SERIES X or PS5, and we can't fulfill your order, because we don't physically have said console, so we can't provide that service. For whatever reasons, that would be our fault.

    Outcome 1: We will issue you a money-back refund in the full amount.

    Exception 2: Example 2: You place an order for XBOX SERIES X or PS5, and the game servers are experience technical difficulties, so we won't be able to delivery the order.

    Outcome 1: After 24 hours of the order being placed, if services are still unavailable, you will be entitled to a money-back refund in the full amount.

    • Orders that have been partially or completely fulfilled where someone else gained access to the game and/or website account and/or payment information.

    For example, your child, friend, relative, or stranger etc., gains access to your account(s) and/or payment information, and places orders and/or receives the items during delivery.

    • Sourced items that have a variation of what was advertised:

    For example, if we advertise a Shako with 120-140 defense, and you receive a Shako with 130 defense with a socket and a jewel inside, then you have still received the item that was advertised.

    The only exception is for items that require a significant amount of attributes or items that require certain levels.

    For example, if we advertise a Fortitude Rune Word Archon Plate Armor for a Mercenary, we will source an Archon Plate. We will not source an Ancient Armor, because most likely, your mercenary will not have enough prerequisites to wear it.

    Another example, if we advertise a Small Charm with 15 Life 8 Mana, we will Source 15 Life 8 Mana.

    We can source a Small Charm with 15 Life 10 Mana, but you may have a Low Level Dueler Character (LLD) that stays at level 30 or less, so you can use the Small Charm with 15 Life 8 Mana, but you can't use a Small Charm with 15 Life 10 Mana, because it requires you to be higher than level 30, even if the Small Charm has greater benefits in general.

    The last example is if we advertise, for example, a Random 4 Socketed Armor. You may receive an armor that has 4 sockets, but it's not to your liking; however, the item is as described. 

    We will do our best to solve simple requests like a replacing a Random 4 Socketed Armor; however, other items may be more difficult to replace.

    • Sourced items that have a different graphical design than what's advertised

    All products come in different graphical designs, and we do not guarantee a specific design, unless we specifically include said information in the product description.

    • Digital download and digital keys.

    Digital downloads and digital keys are not encrypted and can't be blocked from being used or accessed; therefore, they can be shared and/or used even after returning them to us.

    Additionally, keys have a timer, so we're unable to resell them.

    Due to the nature of said downloads and keys, all sales for said products are non refundable.


    We will notify you once we’ve received and reviewed your refund request, and we will let you know if the refund was approved or not. If approved, you’ll be automatically refunded on your original payment method within 10 business days. Please remember it can take some time for your bank or credit card company to process and post the refund too. If more than 15 business days have passed since we’ve approved your return, please contact us through chat.

    Please Note

    All refund requests are handled on a case by case basis.