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Defense: 47-49
Required Level: 29
Required Strength: 60
Durability: 24
+10-19% Enhanced Defense
+30 Defense
+5% Enhanced Damage
Increase Maximum Mana 40%
Adds 1-6 Cold Damage, Cold Duration: 2 Seconds

Frostburn is a unique pair of Gauntlets.

Along with Magefist, Frostburn is a pair of gloves directed towards spellcaster use. While Magefist gives a large boost to mana regeneration, Frostburn gives a very large boost to mana itself (which stacks with other items that give a percentage-based increase of mana). For most casters (especially fire-based), Magefist is arguably better, as it increases cast rate, which Frostburn lacks. The notable exception is "mana tank" Sorceress (Energy Shield-based), which will make use of Frostburn's massive mana bonus.