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Dream Rune Pack

Dream Rune Pack

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1 Io
1 Jah
1 Pul

10% Chance To Cast Level 15 Confuse When Struck
Level 15 Holy Shock Aura When Equipped
+20-30% Faster Hit Recovery
+30% Enhanced Defense
+150-220 Defense
+10 To Vitality
Increase Maximum Life 5% (Helms Only)
+50 To Life (Shields Only)
+0.625-61.875 To Mana (Based On Character Level)
All Resistances +5-20
12-25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

Required Level: 65

Dream is the Rune Word 'IoJahPul' for helms or off-hand armor in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

Many classes such as Barbarians or even Melee Sorceresses (using a Passion Phase Blade) can make great use of Dream when equipped this way.

As of Patch 1.14D, equipping two Dream rune word items at the same time will generate a Level 30 Holy Shock aura. A Sorceress' Lightning Mastery or a Paladin’s natural invested points in both Resist Lightning and Salvation will increase the damage of the Holy Shock aura from the Dream which can result in a very high damage output for a relatively modest investment of skill points.

The Tesladin is a powerful Paladin build which uses two Dream rune words for a Level 30 Holy Shock aura improved by skill points invested in Resist Lightning and Salvation while the Paladin uses Conviction as his active offensive aura and Zeal to apply the damage quickly and repeatedly.

These builds are only pursued by wealthy players because high Faster Hit Recovery and All Resistances needs to be rolled to reach the correct breakpoints, which means both the helm and shield need to be rerolled many times.