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Flickering Flame Rune Pack

Flickering Flame Rune Pack

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1 Nef
1 Pul
1 Vex

Level 4-8 Resist Fire Aura When Equipped
+3 To Fire Skills
-10-15% to Enemy Fire Resist
+30% Enhanced Defense
+30 Defense vs. Missile
+50-75 To Mana
Half Freeze Duration
+5% To Maximum Fire Resist
Poison Length Reduced by 50%

Required Level: 55

Flickering Flame is the rune word 'NefPulVex' for Helms in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.
This rune word is dedicated for fire-based builds, for many of which it is a best in slot item.

For fire druids it is an alternative for Ravenlore.