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Fortitude Archon Plate 25-29 All Res

Fortitude Archon Plate 25-29 All Res

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20% Chance To Cast Level 15 Chilling Armor when Struck
+25% Faster Cast Rate
+300% Enhanced Damage
+200% Enhanced Defense
+15 Defense
+X To Life (Based on Character Level)
Replenish Life +7
+5% To Maximum Lightning Resist
All Resistances +25-29
Damage Reduced By 7
12% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
+1 To Light Radius

Note: The "+X To Life (Based on Character Level)" trait varies and may be any one of the following:

  • +1
  • +1.125
  • +1.25
  • +1.375
  • +1.5

Fortitude is the rune word 'ElSolDolLo' for weapons or body armor in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

It can be made both in weapon and armor and in both cases it increases both damage and defense, with even more defense stacked on top of that thanks to the auto-cast Chilling Armor. The damage bonus when made in armor makes it a popular choice for any build centered about physical damage or as a Hireling armor.

Note that +X% Enhanced Damage only works on weapons; on any other item it's converted to Damage +X% instead.