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Ground Rune Pack

Ground Rune Pack

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1 Shael
1 Io
1 Ort

+20% Faster Hit Recovery
+75-100% Enhanced Defense
+10 to Vitality
Increase Maximum Life 5%
Lightning Resist +40-60%
Lightning Absorb +10-15%

Required Level: 35

Ground is the rune word 'ShaelIoOrt' for helms in Diablo II: Resurrected. It is Ladder only.

Ground is an easily made helmet and can be equipped at early-mid levels. It provides a solid array defensive of bonuses, mostly geared at making its wearer less susceptible to lightning damage.

Ground is the lightning variant of the patch 2.6 rune words, and is analogous to the Fire-oriented Temper Rune Word, Cold-oriented Hearth Rune Word, Poison-oriented Cure Rune Word, and Physical-oriented Bulwark Rune Word. While Ground does not have any extra effects compared to some of its cousins, lightning is one of the most dangerous types of damage thanks to the powerful attacks of the likes of Gloams and Tainted, as well as Lightning Enchanted uniques releasing charged bolts whenever they are hit, so having high resist against them can be very helpful. further item bonuses and customization and won't force the player to put an unnecessary skill point into Werewolf. These advantages may outweigh the extra skill bonuses potentially offered by Delirium.

And if one wants to go Magic Finding, Harlequin Crest is still a better option compared to Delirium, especially since it can be acquired in trade for much less than an Ist.

However, no matter how good the base pelt is for Delirium, it is quite possible to find an even better Rare Druid Pelt that provides bonuses to Druid Skills, Faster Hit Recovery, Life, 1-2 Sockets (which can be then be used for All Resistances, more Life and/or more Faster Hit Recovery) and +3 to Tornado (or another desired skill). Of course, finding or trading for such a rare pelt can be quite difficult, so Delirium or Jalal's Mane can act as temporary helm in the meantime.

Looking beyond Druids, Delirium is also a possible choice for a mercenary. Aside from the Iron Wolves (who need to cast spells), the Bone Fetish transformation is much less debilitating to mercenaries. It offers next to no mods that are useful for them personally (since they also do not benefit very much from +skills), but it does throw disruptive curses all over the place, which can be greatly helpful for keeping hostilities away from the player themselves. However, if the player is reliant on any curses of their own, Delirium can annoyingly overwrite them.

Alternatively, it is arguable that this helm is useful on a bowazon or act 1 rogue mercenary. Being able to hit at distance with a very high level, high percentage confusion proc makes it so enemies often tear themselves apart and you remain in very little danger, only having to pick off the few who even make it up to you- which your Valkyrie more often than not will tank as you shoot and reapply the curse to whoever is left. Multishot(appropriate used against 3+ mobs) and strafe(if talented into it) practically guarantee a cast of confusion very quickly and the typical Amazon control kit of freezing arrow kiting and recasting Valkyrie's make this a remarkably safe playstyle.