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Honor Rune Pack

Honor Rune Pack

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1 Amn
1 El
1 Ith
1 Tir
1 Sol

+160% Enhanced Damage
+9 to Minimum Damage
+9 to Maximum Damage
+25% Deadly Strike
+250 to Attack Rating
+1 to All Skills
7% Life Stolen per Hit
+10 Replenish Life
+10 to Strength
+1 to Light Radius
+2 to Mana per Kill

Required Level: 27

Honor is the rune word 'AmnElIthTirSol' for melee weapons in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

Although Honor doesn't offer any outstanding features, it does feature a large array of useful attributes. For characters who are unable to find a decent weapon early game, this can be a good make, especially since all the runes involved are readily available from nightmare Countess.