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Hustle Rune Pack

Hustle Rune Pack

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1 Shael
1 Ko
1 Eld

3 socket Weapons

5% Chance to cast level 1 Burst of Speed on striking
Level 1 Fanaticism Aura
+30% Increased Attack Speed
+180-200% Enhanced Damage
+75% Damage to Undead
+50 to Attack Rating against Undead
+10 to Dexterity

3 socket Armor

+65% Faster Run/Walk
+40% Increased Attack Speed
+20% Faster Hit Recovery
+6 to Evade
+10 to Dexterity
50% Slower Stamina Drain
+All Resistances +10

Required Level: 39

Hustle is the rune word 'ShaelKoEld' for weapons and armor in Diablo II: Resurrected. It is available to Ladder only.

When made in weapons, Hustle combines the effects of Fanaticism, Burst of Speed and a large increased attack speed modifier to bump attack speed up tremendously for the user (and, to a lesser extent, their allies). The low level of both skills may seem unassuming, but they add up to a hefty +35% IAS; this stacks with the native +30% IAS of the runeword for a total of +65% IAS, one of the largest increases for a single item in the game. The low level and proc rate of the Burst of Speed means that it will activate more consistently on classes that attack quickly, such as strafe Bowazons and Zealots. Overall the damage output is very decent for a runeword that is accessible as early as level 39 and with such cheap requirements, but it is not powerful enough to compete with more expensive, late game options.

The theme of speed carries over to the armor version, with a massive +65% faster run/walk being the largest increase applied to a body armor in the game, and the 40% IAS making it a rival to Treachery Rune Word in this regard. The +6 to Evade is unique to this armor, and greatly improves survivability while on the move. The increase to resistances is a pittance compared to other body armors of a comparable availability, but it is still better than nothing. The armor can be seen as an relatively cheap upgrade over the Stealth Rune Word, having a similar theme of speed, but arguably being superior for physical fighters.