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Throw Damage: (17-21) To (150-186)
One-Hand Damage: (27-34) To (140-173)
Required Level: 68
Required Strength: 96
Required Dexterity: 122
Axe Class – Fast Attack Speed
Quantity: 180
+150-210% Enhanced Damage
+30% Increased Attack Speed
+33% Chance of Open Wounds
Prevent Monster Heal
Hit Causes Monster To Flee +50%
33% Chance To Cast Level 3 Amplify Damage On Striking
Replenishes Quantity [1 in 4 sec.]

Lacerator is a unique Winged Axe from Diablo II.

Although the Lacerator has a good chance of Open Wounds and prevents an enemy from healing from these wounds, its strength comes from its chance of casting Amplify Damage, which would essentially double the damage that Lacerator does to its enemies. This makes it a great weapon for Barbarian hybrids.