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Moser's Blessed Circle

Moser's Blessed Circle

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Defense: 156-179
Required Level: 31
Required Strength: 53
Durability: 64
Chance to Block:
Paladin: 67%
Amazon/Assassin/Barbarian: 62%
Druid/Necromancer/Sorceress: 57%
Paladin Smite Damage: 7 To 14
+180-220% Enhanced Defense
+25% Increased Chance to Block
30% Faster Block Rate
All Resistances +25
Socketed (2)

Moser's Blessed Circle is a unique Round Shield from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

Although not as high chance of blocking as a shield such as Visceratuant, Moser's Blessed Circle does boast a high defense along with some other useful properties.

For one thing, Moser's Blessed Circle offers an increased Block Rate, which certain shields don't offer. However, most notable is the boost to Resistances that Moser's Blessed Circle has. Most small shields, although they have high chances of blocking, do not have the resistances that Moser's Blessed Circle does.

Moser's Blessed Circle is socketed. Therefore, a character can have a variety of customizations with it. One could add perfect Diamonds to it, further increasing its resistances or customize it with other ways via Runes, Jewels, and other gems.

Moser's Blessed Circle is a versatile shield- certainly not specific to classes, its sockets make it customizable to whatever its user wants.