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Nightwing’s Veil 15% Cold Dmg

Nightwing’s Veil 15% Cold Dmg

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Defense: 303-352
Required Level: 67
Required Strength: 96
Durability: 40
+90-120% Enhanced Defense
+2 To All Skills
+15% To Cold Skill Damage
+10-20 To Dexterity
+5-9 Cold Absorb
Half Freeze Duration
Requirements -50%

Nightwing's Veil is a unique Spired Helm.

Due to its boost to all skills, in addition to a boost to Cold skill damage, Nightwing's Veil is particularly popular among characters such as Sorceresses that use Cold Spells, Amazons that specialize in abilities such as Freezing Arrow, Iron Wolf hirelings specialized in Cold Spells, Rogue Archers using Cold and Freezing Arrows, or for Paladins that are using Holy Freeze. Nightwing's Veil is the only helm in the game that increases cold skill damage, making it usually the best helm for such classes by a considerable margin.