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Perfect Black Cleft Sunder Charm 45

Perfect Black Cleft Sunder Charm 45

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Sunder Charms are a new addition to Diablo 2 Resurrected in patch 2.5.

Sunder Charms were added to the game to make some builds more viable in the 2.5 Terror Zones.

  • These are Grand Charms and take up 3 inventory slots.
  • These charms will “break specific monster immunity”.
  • The tradeoff to using the six new charms when breaking a monster’s resistance is that they also reduce your own resistance to the same element.
  • Sunder Charm monster resistance reduction effects are applied before effects such as Amplify Damage or Lower Resist.
  • Sunder Charms work with minions such as Hydras and traps. This was not the case when they were first revealed.
  • Sunder Charms can only be dropped by Rare, Unique, Super Unique, or Champion terrorized monster types in Terror Zones. This includes Uber Monsters.
  • Carrying more than one of the same charm does not stack the resistance reduction effect on monsters but does stack the player’s negative resistances.
  • Players can also carry multiple different charms but will suffer from each charm’s resistance penalty.
  • Sunder Charms can  be equipped at level 75.
  • For further reading on which immunities are present in which zones, check the Terror Zone immunities by zone list.
  • An just update prior to the Sunder Charm launch stated , “Conviction and Lower Resist effectiveness will be 1/5 effective even after a Sundering Charm’s applied effects”.