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Poison Facet -5% Poison Pierce +5% Poison Damage - Death

Poison Facet -5% Poison Pierce +5% Poison Damage - Death

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Unique Jewels are very specific. They are all very similar to each other, except for their element. All have bonus damage to their element, bonus damage to all skills of their element, and they reduce the enemy resistance to their element. The four elements are fire, cold, lightning and poison.

They differ in one aspect however. Four of the charms are "level-up" charms, and four are "death-charms". The former have a skill that activate when the player levels up, and the latter activate a skill when they die. Neither are perhaps very useful compared to the other; there are only so many times a character can level up, and preferably one should die as little as possible. Aside from that, the two versions of a jewel are completely identical.

Although they all share the same name, they are in fact eight different kinds of unique items.