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Rift Rune Pack

Rift Rune Pack

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1 Hel
1 Ko
1 Lem
1 Gul

20% Chance To Cast Level 16 Tornado On Striking
16% Chance To Cast Level 21 Frozen Orb On Attack
20% Bonus To Attack Rating
Adds 160-250 Magic Damage
Adds 60-180 Fire Damage
+5-10 To All Stats (varies)
+10 To Dexterity
38% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
75% Extra Gold From Monsters
Level 15 Iron Maiden (40 Charges)
Requirements -20%

Required Level: 53

Rift is the rune word 'HelKoLemGul' for polearms or scepters in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

Rift is an odd weapon rune word that features absolutely no increase to physical damage, but instead adds a lot of elemental damage, and the ability to spray frozen orbs and tornadoes all over the place (if the character can attack fast enough). It may not qualify for the best weapon in terms of sheer damage, but it's certainly one of the most entertaining weapons in the game.