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Smiter - Pro

Smiter - Pro

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The Smiter.

Weapon: Grief Phase Blade 30-39 IAS 340-380 Damage
Shield: Exile (Paladin Elite Base)

Weapon 2: Call to Arms 4-5 BO (Flail or Crystal Sword)
Shield 2:
Spirit (Monarch or Random Paladin Shield)

Helmet: Crown of Ages
Armor: Chains of Honor Archon Plate/Dusk Shroud
Gloves: Dracul’s Grasp
Belt: Verdungo’s Hearty Cord
Boots: Gore Rider

Amulet: Highlord’s Wrath
Ring 1: Raven Frost
Ring 2: Bul-Khatos’ Wedding Band

Paladin Torch 16-19 Stats 16-19 All Res
Annihilus 16-19 Stats 16-19 All Res 5-10 Experience Gained