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The Oculus

The Oculus

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One-Hand Damage: 18 To 42
Required Level: 42
Durability: 50
Staff Class - Normal Attack Speed
(Sorceress Only)

+3 To Sorceress Skill Levels
+5 To Mana After Each Kill
All Resistances +20
25% Chance To Cast Level 1 Teleport When Struck
+30% Faster Cast Rate
+20 To Vitality
+20 To Energy
+20% Enhanced Defense
50% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items

The Oculus is a unique Swirling Crystal, exclusively used by Sorceresses.

The first unique orb. The Oculus provides a large boost to all Sorceress skills, resistances, cast rate, Energy, and magic find, The Oculus is ideal for all-around Sorceress use.